March 2, 2007

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Meanwhile, here are a few posts and links to spark the discussion.


Writings of J. Todd Ring

Writings of J. Todd Ring: Earth 101: Essential Reading

The death of democracy in America: Time for a re-awakening

Confronting the Empire – Chomsky at the World Social Forum

What Must Be Done: When corporatism and Leninism have both failed – part 1

What Must Be Done: When corporatism and Leninism have both failed – part 2

The Global Crisis of Legitimacy of Liberal Democracy – Social and Economic Policy – Global Policy Forum

Fast-Track to Fascism: The SPP in a Nutshell

Smedley Butler and the Business Plot

ZNet |Foreign Policy | We Had a Democracy Once, But You Crushed It


Powder Keg USA: US heading toward fascism and civil war

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps | World news | The Guardian

“The End of America”: Naomi Wolf Warns U.S. in Slow Descent into Fascism – Democracy Now!



*** Habeas Corpus Your words are lies Sir – YouTube – olbermann 10-18-06


***Bush Moves Toward Martial Law


Habeas Corpus, R.I.P. (12/15 – 2006)


Demolishing Democracy At Home and Abroad – Noam Chomsky video

HR 1955: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

Full Implementation of Corporate Rule Via the SPP & NACC

North American Union: Time to Re-Focus

Time for Action: Canadian politics and the future of Canada as nation

Money, Banks and DemocracyOverview: Geopolitics 2006-2008

Cynicism, Hope and Despair

Whew, time for some good news

A “Must-Read” Short List: Author’s Picks

A Bit of Humour

Oh man, gimme some humor please….